Daily Mile and 5-a-day Fitness

The Daily Mile team,  which Granta is signed up to,  have created a new ‘Get to Know Cambridgeshire’ series of resources for the Summer Term.  These are virtual Landmark Maps of Cambridgeshire with a supporting Factsheet for children (and families) to complete as an individual challenge/ motivator.  Please find the ‘Get to Know Cambridgeshire’ resource attached for your convenience. There is also a ‘Get to know London’ resource also attached. Both resources are designed to take 30 days if a child does The Daily Mile each day, so at least half a term – choose to do one or even both!  Children can run, skip, hop, cycle or move in whatever way they wish to cover the distance. Perhaps it could be combined with a walk to the shops or your one hour of exercise out of the house a day routine.