Community Art Project

1st September 2018

Community Art Project – Working With Red2Green

Sapphire Class were invited by Red2Green to work alongside their learners and other community groups to take part in a Community Art Day, creating a permanent celebratory mural/mosaic installation for their new community café and sensory garden.  It was a 3 day project led by Lindsey Harris (Poppins Cottage Industries).  Pupils were asked to design and decorate 1ft square tiles using colourful mosaic, which was then pieced together to make a larger scale of artwork.  Sapphire Class chose to design their tile depicting a Granta School minibus - the way we have travelled to and from Red2Green in previous weeks...and of course today! With the outline drawn, pupils worked as a team each taking ownership of an area of the picture.  Everyone worked very carefully and with such enthusiasm and concentration fitting the pieces together.  We are looking forward to seeing the completed mural/mosaic on display and are proud and grateful to have been part of this larger local community art project.