Multi-sensory Impairment

At Granta we have a number of pupils who have significant impairments of both their vision and hearing meaning they have multisensory impairments (MSI).  This is also sometimes described as deafblindness or dual sensory loss.  The very unique nature of these sensory impairments means that these pupils require a highly trained level of support to access and interpret the world around them.  Within the class teams this is often provided by a 1:1 intervenor or a small team of intervenors.  We access intervenor training through Jenny Fletcher (Consultant to MSI) who provides a 5 day training course covering the areas of communication, mobility and accessing information.  Many of the intervenors choose to complete accreditation by completing an assignment through the University of Northampton.

Pupils who have MSI are entitled to support from a qualified MSI teacher (QTMSI) who has completed a mandatory qualification in teaching groups of MSI pupils in addition to their existing teaching qualification.  Emma Stubbings is our QTMSI who leads our complex needs department and is our Complex Needs and Health Manager.  This is a very unique field and there are not many teachers with this area of specialism, so in addition to supporting pupils across the school, Emma also provides advisory support to MSI pupils at other schools in the county.