School Uniform

New uniform supplier from June 2017

We are very pleased to announce we have sourced a new supplier for our school uniform.  Brigade will be providing us with premium quality school wear with the Granta logo.  For your convenience uniform can now be ordered online, simply by following the link below:


Simply type in our school name ‘Granta School’ and our school details and logo will be shown.  Instructions are very clear on how to order and there is help available if you are unsure.  Delivery is free if you select your items to be delivered to school and we will send items home with your child.


There are 3 items currently available with the Granta logo, these are sweatshirts, polo shirts and book bags.  Please note the correct colours for your child’s year group.

Primary (up to and including Year 6)

Polo shirts sky blue or white

Crew neck sweatshirts sky blue

Secondary (years 7 to 11 inclusive)

Polo shirts navy or white

Crew neck sweatshirts navy


School currently hold a small stock of uniform during the transition to this new supplier.

We hope you like our new and convenient way of ordering uniform.


These items are available with the Granta logo through the school. ‘Spares’ may be bought without the logo from other sources if you prefer but please try to match the colour.

In addition please provide trousers, skirts or pinafores in back or charcoal grey.  Footwear should be flat, dark, comfortable and suitable for the season.  Girls may prefer to wear light blue summer dresses during the summer term; checks or stripes are acceptable.  Boys may prefer to wear black or charcoal grey shorts.  Please provide sun hats for girls and boys.

For PE your child will need a pair of navy shorts, sports socks, a white tee shirt, a navy tracksuit and plimsolls/trainers as appropriate to the weather and activity.

For swimming your child can wear any costume, which avoids high cut legs, inappropriate necklines or midriff cut-outs.

For pupils post 16 there is no uniform at Granta but there is a simple dress code.

We want your young people to feel proud of themselves and to develop an identity which is personal and age-appropriate.  We are aware that fashion plays a major part in teenage lives and we would encourage them to present themselves with pride and style!  However, we are also conscious of the need to avoid unnecessary disputes, the formation of ‘cliques’ or gangs, our inability to assume responsibility for expensive accessories and of health and safety issues.  To that end please do not send your young person in high heels, long or looped body piercing, inappropriate low or high cut clothes or items with slogans others might find offensive.


Thank you.