Our Curriculum Philosophy

Our curriculum aims to prepare our pupils from the earliest years to be as independent as they can possibly be. We provide a wide range of exciting, inclusive and personalised learning opportunities to support them to develop key life skills, including communication, self-care skills, everyday living skills and functional English, Maths and ICT skills.

Our curriculum from Key Stage 2 is split into pathways, to enable us to best meet the needs of our diverse student population. The five key strands of Communication, Cognition, Physical, Social and Self Care and Independence are the basis of all our pathways and the learning across these areas takes place throughout the day in every activity, location and situation.

The areas of learning (subjects) and timetable weighting differ between pathways, however all allow for a rich mix of learning experiences and coverage across the National Curriculum. These are as follows:

Communication (Expressive Language, Receptive Language, BSL and Social Skills)

Functional Skills (English & Maths)

Skills for Life (Cooking, Travel Training, Self Care, Independent Living, Enterprise, Work Skills, Community Visits)

Digital Literacy (Computing, ICT, Citizenship)

Physical Development (PE, Swimming, Physio, Hydrotherapy)

Personal Development (PSHE, RE, RSE)

Creativity & The World (Art, DT, Science, History, Geography)

Additional provisions such as Forest School and Duke of Edinburgh encompass a number of these areas of learning.