TEACCH Approach

The Teacch base is an independent, quiet work area where the pupils have their own workstation and come to complete a given number of task trays. These tasks are skills/activities that the pupils are able to complete independently, with the aim of promoting independent working. The Teacch base is a highly structured learning environment, using visual cues and timetables so that all pupils know what is expected of them during the session, how many tasks they need to complete  and what happens after the activity is completed. Workstations are individual to each pupil and take into account pupils likes and interests; the work contained in them is changed regularly

As part of a Teacch base session, table work is timetabled ,this allows for emerging skills to be taught and then they are transferred to the individuals work station trays, to develop pupils ability to generalise what they can do.  We also run small group sessions in the TEACCH base, focused on communication, attention & listening and social interaction.